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If you are hoping to build strong and dependable walls and other kinds of structures in your home or business, you must rely on the expertise of a professional masonry contractor! For all home and business owners in Fayetteville, NC and the adjoining areas, RJA Masonry LLC offers a great variety of exceptional masonry solutions that can make any property stand out! Keep reading to find out which service fits your project!

Masonry Services

Our Services

Block Installation

Block Installation

Blocks are the go-to option if you’re looking for sturdiness! They are useful for creating walls, foundations, and even floors in properties that require the utmost thickness and strength. You can rely on our exceptional masonry service to build structures of all shapes and sizes using concrete blocks!
Brick Installation

Brick Installation

If you are hoping to achieve an industrial style on your property that stands out for its beauty and strength, bricks are the ideal material to choose! With the help of our affordable masonry services, you will be able to get stunning brick walls, retaining walls, and many other structures for your property!
Concrete Construction

Concrete Construction

Concrete is praised for its affordability, durability, and low maintenance. Plus, it is resistant to fire and water. You can trust our company’s quality masonry solutions to give you the concrete surfaces and structures you desire for your home! From driveways to sidewalks, we can do it all!
Fence Installation

Fence Installation

With an astonishing new fence on your property, you won’t have to worry about invaders! Let us handle its installation and forget about animals eating your plants or destroying your garden. With our help, you will have a beautiful and strong fence to delimitate the edges of your property!
Rock Installation

Rock Installation

Rocks are incredible elements to include in any construction project that aims to rely on organic shapes and create atmospheres of a natural look. We can help you select the most adequate types of rocks for your project and flawlessly install them on a great variety of surfaces on your property.

Why Turn to Masonry Experts

Making use of brick wall masonry and other related servicesĀ is an excellent way of transforming the interior and exterior spaces of your property and making it safer and more functional. The materials traditionally used in masonry construction are highly dependable, since they resist fire and humidity, block air, regulate temperature, do not have termite problems, and last for years without a scratch! Masonry walls and structures are an excellent investment!

How Our Work Is Done

When our excellent team of masonry professionals takes on a new project, we always make sure to discuss all the details in depth to be able to meet all your expectations. Our installation and construction processes are careful and meticulous. We pay close attention to every single detail and we’re careful to not harm or dirty your property in any way.

The Areas We Can Cover

Our crew is proud of the excellent results we deliver in every masonry project we take on, and we believe we can be of help to many property owners in and outside Fayetteville, NC. If you are interested in our excellent services, you can take advantage of them if you live in any of the following areas:

  • Rockfish, NC
  • Hope Mills Town, NC
  • Spring Lake Town, NC
  • McLauchlin Township, NC
  • Pearces Mill Township, NC

We are excited to start doing excellent masonry work on your property! Be sure to book your appointment directly with RJA Masonry LLC and get the excellent services of a team of professional contractors at your earliest convenience. Call us now!


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by Renae H. Linker on RJA Masonry LLC
Excellent Work!

This company offers truly professional brick wall masonry services! When I decided to renovate some of the spaces of my home, I was afraid I wouldn't get the results I wanted, but this team did an amazing job! I fully recommend them!

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  • Block Installation
  • Brick Installation
  • Concrete Construction
  • Fence Installation
  • Rock Installation
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